Out from Blogging  

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Dear Reader,

Gate of Toy temporary closed due to the owner is busying preparing her wedding.

Arrived Malaysia  

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Finally back to Malaysia, but due to LCCT congestion the air plane round and round in the sky for few round only able to landed.

And now waiting for our luggage to go home.... Luckily tomorrow have a day off, else sure sleep in office. :)

We have a wonderful trip on this Chinese New Year ...

Good Bye Macao  

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Ha!Ha!Ha! Finally back to hotel, I missed curry fish ball and he missed 7 eleven cup noodle, so we decided to fulfill ourselves before we go to airport.

Our luggage, very packed huh and heavy...

Arrived Macao Airport ..

Wrapped up my very important luggage .... MOD 20 each luggage

Obtained our boarding pass, ready to go home ...

Good Bye Macao ...

Brought some souvenir before we home. Actually you can found this kind of cookies anywhere at Macao downtown, but at airport have less option, so if you want to have more choice better buy from downtown instead of Airport.

Macao duty free nothing much to shop, so you no need to come airport so early, super boring oh...

Hungry.. he get me some snack to bite, the polo bun so so only, nugget normal, but the sausage bread is delicious. :) Everything here cost MOD 100

Of course including mineral water and soya bean...

Good bye Macao, hope can return again for shopping ... :)

Our lunch at Air Asia ...

Chicken Stay Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak out of stock. He was so disappointed. :)

Lou Lim Ieoc Park  

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The most Chinese of all of Macao's garden is the Lou Lim Ieoc Garden. It was built by a wealthy 19th century Chinese merchant, Lou Kau, and was inherited by his son Lou Lim Ieoc in 1906. When the family fortunes declined the garden fell into ruins, but it was eventually purchased and restored by the government and opened to the public in 1974.

The garden is modeled on those of Soochow, the most famous of all Chinese classical gardens. Enclosed by a high wall, it is a miniaturized landscape with narrow paths winding through groves of bamboo and flowering bushes, under moulded concrete "mountain" to a large pond filled with golden carp and lotus flowers. A nine-turn bridge zigzags across the pond (according to legend, evil spirits can only move in straight line) to a large pavilion combining Classical and Chinese architecture elements. There are frequent art and craft exhibitions in the pavilion, which also serves as an auditorium for recitals during the annual International Music Festival.

Ha!Ha!Ha! No plan to visit this park, since we loss our way back to hotel, and just nice we by pass here, so we decided to walk in and have a look.

Here, have few groups of elders aunties and uncles practice their Cantonese Song here "Yue Qu"

This is an exhibition hall. When we are here, they have Chinese Culture exhibition

Oppsss.. I forgot what culture is that, but is from rare races

Did you see this lion before? I saw once in TV, but not sure which show..

This is lantern, is Yunan culture...

If I am not wrong this is another type of lantern....

Blossom flower represent Chinese New Year

Sit at the park enjoy "Yue Qu" performed by aunties and uncles

Is this statue look like Kun Iam?

The zigzags bridge ... :)

Historic Archives  

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The Macao Historical Archives were founded as the Macao General Archives in 1952 and restructured in 1979 prior to being taken over by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao in 1986. The facilities currently offer excellent conditions for safe storage of the precious works held there and viewing is possible with a computerised system.

The archives pertaining to the Public Administration and Municipal Council can be consulted and there is also graphic and cartographic material.The Historical Archives offer researchers countless microfilms of documents in the Portuguese and Chinese languages as well as other foreign languages. There are also microfilms of rare works on Macao's history and Portugal's relations with the Far East. Most of this information is also available through a data base.

The Archives publish the Historical Archives Bulletin, a development of the Archives of Macao (published since 1929) which is an invaluable source of information for those interested in studying Macao.

Thought walk back to Hotel after Guia Fortress walked, but we loss our way back and suddenly found a signboard to Historical Archives, so we decided to stop here to snap some picture. :)

Further down from Historic Archives is Hospital. Macao Hospital so colorful. :)

No idea what building is this, but no one is inside so we sneak in to snap picture. :p